Your collections in zvdd

Use this form to register your collections with zvdd. Please note that we can only include your data if it is available via OAI in the specific METS format.

If your interface consists of different sets, you may register each set separately. The name of your collection should comprise the name of your institution and a title that describes concisely the content or the nature of your collection (e.g. “Göttingen State and University Library, 18th century prints”). Your collection will appear under this name in the collection list. Before registering your OAI interface, you can check your data format using the ZVVD Validator.

The metadata in the zvdd will be made publicly available via our OAI Interface, which facilitates re-use of this data in other contexts or applications. Please consult for a list of all available data sets.

Metadata can be harvested in the formats Dublin Core (oai_dc) and METS. If you don’t want us to publish your data via OAI, please let us know.

If you have further questions, please contact Mr Norbert Scheer or Ms Stefanie Rühle.

Register your OAI interface