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Zvdd is the central access point to printed works from the 15th century up to today, digitized in Germany.

It enables you to search not only for titles and authors, but any other part of the bibliographic description, like printers, printing places and publication years, as well as titles of articles, headlines of chapters and table of contents.

All prints that come with a DFG-Viewer hyperlink can be consulted online through the DFG-Viewer, a tool that allows also navigating the book’s content.

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We are happy to include your collection in the zvdd portal. All that’s necessary is an OAI PMH 2.0 compatible interface, which must provide your data in METS/MODS. See here for further information.

About zvdd

Zvdd is a joint project of the AG Sammlung Deutscher Drucke, the Computing Center of the GBV Library Network (VZG) and the Computing Center of the HBZ Library Network. Is has originally been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

A search within the zvdd is performed on a central index based on data collected by OAI metadata harvesting, instead of a distributed search over the file providers’ own systems. This allows for quicker responses and advances search features like faceting etc.

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